Our mission at College Hill Health Center is to provide our patients with the highest level of care. For us, that means having an attentive staff, effective providers, up-to-date information, and advanced treatment options, ultimately helping us to acheive our most fundamentally important goal: making our patients happy.


Exciting news for new and existing patients!


The fastest way to become a patient at our practice and to take advantage of the online services is to create a secure account for our new online portal.  After your account is set up, new patients, please register online to eliminate paperwork prior to your first appointment.  After your appointment, you may utilize any of the secure online communications available on the above portal menu.  Existing patients, you can create an account today, and begin communicating with us securely today!




We encourage you to check back frequently, as new content and services will be added in the coming weeks as we roll out a complete website and portal focused on providing you the practice information, patient education, and online communication tools that you have been asking for.




Please take advantage of our new online patient portal today!



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